Most Powerful and Eco Friendly Car Air purifier in the world

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AIR6+ is perfect for home, office and travel, purifying air in spaces up to 360 sq ft with minimal noise, and without HEPA waste and associated replacement costs.

3 color choices: Black, Silver/Black, White/Silver

AIRbox G2

AIRbox is the perfect air purifier for cars and other small spaces up to 100 sq ft.

2 Color - Silver / Black

Meet the most eco friendly air purifier ever

Compact, Stylish, Quiet, and with latest space air purification technology

  • PCO Space Tech

    PCO technology that clean and break down all harmful particles without waste

  • Eco-Friendly

    PCO High Density Washable filter allow you to never buy a replacement filter again.

  • True Whisper Quiet

    20dB true whisper quiet that you can sleep with it on. Compare to others that said 40db as whisper quiet.

  • FDA 510K cleared lab report

    Virus testing in FDA 510K cleared lab

  • 4 Unique Stages

    Powerful but simple. Small but powerful.

  • As Seen on

    Fund over $1M worldwide with many site features

  • FDA 510K cleared lab report

    According to the 3rd party testing report, the percentage of MS2 RNA Virus goes from 100% to 0.07% in 120 minutes. 

Why choose YFLife?

Cost Saving

Low maintenance cost = zero replacement filter cost + low energy consumption

Space Technology

We use the latest PCO technology that is widely use in space station and medical centers

Compact and Powerful

So compact, so stylish, so powerful in the same time.

Professional Testimonials

"AIR6+ air purifier has lots of positives. Among them are a small footprint, quiet low and mid speed settings and multipronged approach to cleaner air.

We set this up in a room that was connected to an attic where we recently had additional insulation blown in and a lingering smell from that was present. We left it running for a few days in that room on various levels and it worked well. On high setting, you can just hear it through the door, but at lower settings it’s quite quiet. The filter is fast and easy to clean. A big impact in a small package.

AIR6+ air purifier purifies every corners of my clinic. It does a good job reducing the chemical smell that used to have in my dental clinic.

Highly recommended!

AIR6+ purifies the air so quiet up to 360sqft, and wow, no replacement HEPA filter is even needed again!

AIR6+ is at the forefront of air purification technology. Stay tuned for more developments from YFLife!

Check out the awesome video below that our team made. Enjoy!